Roads and Bridges

I-70 Business Loop

Grand Junction, CO

TRS provided property acquisition and relocation advisory assistance on behalf of CDOT and the City of Grand Junction. This project involved the acquisition of 45 parcels, with displacement of one business, under CDOT/federal aid guidelines.

TRS’ effort was comprehensive, including: contracting appraisers and specialty consultants; securing permissions to enter; proving notices to owners; presenting offers and negotiating; providing relocation advisory assistance; and administration of title curative measures. At the request of CDOT, TRS developed an extensive report including field photographs of the right of way acquired and those appurtenances that would be protected, removed, or rehabilitated by the Project in advance of construction.

29 Rd/I-70B Interchange

Mesa County, CO

TRS managed the right of way efforts, as a sub-consultant to the design engineer. The Project had joint participation between Mesa County and the City of Grand Junction along the east/west line of demarcation between these political subdivisions. In an attempt to make this Project “stimulus ready”, all of the local processes mirrored the federal processes prescribed within the Uniform Act, although ARRA funding was ultimately not attained. This Project included the acquisition of 65 parcels, the displacement of two (2) single family residences, relocation of a billboard, and the bi-section of a large farm equipment sales yard.

TRS coordinated and subcontracted appraisals, and coordinated all real property closings associated with the Project between the clients, owners and Title Company. Noteworthy accomplishments included outreach meetings with property owners after a significant revision late in the design phase, resulting in a residential displacement. TRS coordinated Mesa County’s effort to obtain easement vacations from Grand Valley Irrigation. The Project included an aerial crossing of the UPRR tracks.

Woodmen Road Phase II

Colorado Springs, CO

Phase 2 of the Woodmen Road Corridor improvements extended from Stinson Drive to Lexington Drive within the City of Colorado Springs. TRS is provided turnkey right of way services, including subcontracts for appraisal, title, and closing services. Two residences were acquired, and the occupants were relocated. The project involved negotiations to acquire property interests from 50 property owners to construct a continuous flow intersection at Woodmen Road and Union Boulevard and two new access roads within a residential subdivision.

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